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Friday, March 19, 2010

Emilia is done!

After a few hours assembling the last parts Emilia is done now! It was my first papercraft without direct folds, what gives her a really smooth realistic look. I will try to keep on with this method on my next projects.

All in all Emilia was easy to assemble. Even if there was no instuction the pdo helped me out to figure out what to assemble next. Of course you need a bit experience in papercrafting...

The hardest parts where the hands. As i said before i dont really like extreme small parts, but well, the outcome is ok for me =)


  1. WOW!! Ultra nice, realistic and beautiful model. That's why I like models without folds, it makes them more realistic. Good job.

  2. you did really good with that model, papercraft is a lot harder than it looks
    (tifa from ff7 is a nice model but i messed up hair only took me a day which was a suprize)

  3. @ anonymous: yeah the time you need for a model depends on the detail of the model and your skill. emilia took me more than a few weeks. start with easier models to improve your skill and knowledge with/about papercraft. then it will be easier for you to do models with hard parts.