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Sunday, January 10, 2010

FFX-2 Yuna [finished]

After spending a few extra hours this night Yuna is finally completed. I am very proud to present you a special video with a few pictures and the final result. All in all it was a very nice project. The hardest thing definetely was the head. The rest of the body was "easy".

It was my first own project. So I got a lot of experience about papercrafting with it, what is the most important fact of all, i think.

Thanks again to Kaizo for his tutorial video about the steps to a pepakura file. He was the one who made it possible for me to start this project.

I don't know yet if/when there will be an instruction. I am working on it at the moment.
I did a lot of confusing things, like working with 2 pepakura files and those stuff. So please give me time. I even don't know if everybody will be able to download it. It is kind of a special thing for me. We will see...

I decided to make Yuna downloadable. Cause when I thought about what papercrafting is about i came to the point that one of the main things of papercrafting is, to share your work with others. So please give me time. As written above I did a lot of confusing steps and i have to find a way to present it to you. (for those you ask when the release will be: It will take a few weeks i guess)


  1. Well, this is definitely an accomplishment for your first model. Well done indeed. Honestly there were a few times where I thought you were making a huge mistake for attempting the high poly model for Yuna, but looking at the end result, I'm glad I was proven wrong.

    Awesome work and congrats on finishing your first model.

  2. this is amazing. I don't know if I have the patience to do such complicated model like this.
    kudos for you :D

  3. Your work is amazing and i will build this Yuna too. So please upload this great papercraft!! Please, please...

  4. Thanks for deciding to upload the model.:)
    It would be a shame if such a great model wasn't uploaded.

  5. Real excited to try this one out. I've been hoping for a really complicated model to make! when's the download link gunna be available?

  6. well i can't really say when the link will be available. i have to do the instructions and such things. but stay tuned i am currently workig on it..

  7. I want to build this so bad!(And I want to actually play the game she's in.)
    I need to download it on another computer because this one won't let it load.

  8. What a miracle! I just love it! When are u going to upload it? Pls upload as soon as possible! I can't wait to try it out!

  9. o wow, im hoping you put it up soon! i'd love to build it as well!! :) printer's set >:) lolz

  10. ¡¡¡¡Marvelous¡¡¡¡ I hope you put in up soon or I'm gonna be crazy... well maybe not.