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Friday, January 22, 2010

The poll is over!

You voted and the result is:

23% for Tidus
25% for Rikku
10% for Payne
64% for a non Final Fantasy Model

(why is it not 100% all together o_o ? Don't ask me)

The result is clear.

So I will think about what i will build next. Maybe it will be Transformers' Bumblebee. I started that model before i worked on Yuna and never finished it. Maybe this is the time to start were i break off.

If you expected a own non FF model i have to keep you wating. Maybe i will build one but that will take time ._. so at the moment i refer to existing models.

And for those who voted for the Final Fantasy Models: Don't cry! Not winning the poll doesn't mean i wont build them!

I asked myself which one i prefer but i can't decide. If anybody would ask right now i would say Rikku. (maybe that is why i build a smaller model of her on a robot right now^^)

Tidus would be great too. Cause as one of my followers said in the box: There can't be a Yuna without a Tidus, what i think is right.

Payne would be great too i guess. Even if she only got 10%. Kaizo would go crazy if i present him a 1 Meter Payne ^^ and if i would build Payne i would build Rikku too to get the trio completed!

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