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Sunday, January 17, 2010

FFX-2 Rikku [Machina Maw]

Ans here comes Rikku... on her dangerous looking Robot. This special "Robot Form" is also part of the Final Fantasy X-2 series. It is a special dress for Rikku.

This time it won't be a "big" project. Only 20 cm high. I don't really have many photos right now but stay tuned. I will post my progress with the model regularly!

Here is a first "test build" of the left shoulder pad:

And one more of the "backblasters":


  1. Woh, that was fast!Did you start before we even finished voting?Scratch that, voting isn't even over.I might build this after I get through my (huge) pile.It's on my blog if you want to see how huge.:P

  2. this is not the "answer" to the voting. It is something like a "side-project". when the voting is finished, i will concentrate on the votings' result as well!

  3. @ kobico: u r right, it is. but i am confident. the robot shouldn't be a problem but rikku maybe will be. she is very small but detailed