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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Emilias' Progress

Okay i don't have much time to write a big story here but i am able to show you a picture:

... 6 hours time past... :

Ok back from violin lessons i continued working on Emilia. Boots and legs are finished and glued together. I dont have a stand for her yet so my rubber holds the legs at the moment^^

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Now using quality blades

All my papercrafts before this post have been done with "no name" blades. I had a lot of problems with those. They got blunt after a short time for example.

Today my new blades arrived. They are extremely sharp as i already can say after testing them with my Emilia project.

The Beginning of Emilia

So this is my first post about my Phantasy Star Portable 2 : Emilia project.

I started this morning and what i got so far is this :

As you can see i will try to do as less folds as possible to give it a smooth look. I first was not a fan of this method but till now it works fine...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

FF IX - Vivi

And here comes Vivi. I liked this little figure so much that i had to build it on my own. He will get a special place in my showcase. Here is the result:

Done with all my "Side Projects", i will now concentrate on the models you chose with the polls i made. And of course i will continue working on Rikku [Machina Maw]!

Little Palmtree

When i looked over aarons' blog i found the link to the templates of this little palm tree. So i built it in about 30 mins. Really easy, really nice:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

God of War "Schwolch"

Hi everybody!

As always i am working on side projects, this time it is the god of war weapon posted on Papercraft.net a couple of days ago. Check out the pictures:

You may be confused about the name "Schwolch". A friend of mine and I talked about the weapon and we weren't able to define wether it is a sword (in german "Schwert") or a dagger (in german "Dolch"). So we decided to put both together -> "Schwolch" ^_^

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Confusing Underleg

So after about 3 days or so i finished the left underlegs' part. It really confused me it was hard to build cause it has these panels in front of the knee...

I post a Gif-Animation again. It is fun to see things moving and better to understand how a part really looks when you can see it in 3D.


Monday, February 8, 2010

You voted!

The two polls I created are over and these are the results:

"Yunas Instuctions; What do you prefer?":

9 of 13 people voted for a "complete download" of FFX-2 Yuna. So i will take my time to create a usable Pdo file and a conclusive instruction.

"What Phantasy Star Portable model shall i build?"

7 of 16 people voted for Emila. So she will be the first model of all three.
(Second will be Lumia and the final third will be Chelsea then!)

Thank you all for voting and stay tuned for more updates!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Pads

As mentioned in the last post i added all the pads to the main body:

This time in a Stop Motion Gif =)


The tail

Tail is assembled now.

I will go on with the shoulder pads i think... after that i only need the legs and rikku to complete the model !

Big steps

Ok, the next parts really bothered me.

The next pictures are all about double layers, combining parts, creating pillars...

...and well, the final result =)

I had to create my own stand for the figure (in Google Sketchup). As i mentioned before i don't believe that the legs can take all the weight on their own. So i decided to put the weight on these two pillars. The legs won't touch the ground in the end -there will be about 1 cm between ground and feet- so they don't have to take any weight.

Oh, by the way, the model is still removable from the stand...it is not glued to it.

Here you can see the double layered part on the bottom of the body. Inside of it i inserted the second pillar.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Current Progress [February 4th]

The upper legs and the head are assembled to the rest of the body now:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The robots' body

As mentioned in the last post i am building the body now.
We have this here:

Later we will assemble the Rocketlaunchers (?) like this:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Head finished

Ok, the robots' head is complete. Now the Body will be the next piece i think...

~10000 Visitors~

I never thought my projects would get this much attention. I am so happy. Thank you all for following my blog.

So what will come up next? :

I am currently working on

- Rikku [Machina Maw] of course... All the shoulder pads are finished and i am working on the rest of the head.

- Vivi is not finished yet, his arms are missing...

- Yunas Instructions are a big project too. From feet to shoulders everything is done. Next will be arms, head and details..

- Bumblbee will be a project i want to finish too.. I posted a detailed article about him if you want to know more..

Please fill out my polls! They are very important for me :)

Thanks to all of you again at this point! And as always stay tuned !

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sexy Thief

And one more of the Eternal Illusion Series =)