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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A new part

Today i built this part of the Robot. It is the part Rikku will lay on later:

1 day more and we have this:


  1. Cool! How big is this gonna be (pagewise(not sure if that's a word(Lol, parantheses in parentheses.)))?

  2. You mean the model ? i can't say that actually. It will be about 30-40 pages i think.

  3. So I'm guessing you like big models, due to the size of what you've released so far.

  4. yes, well the Rikku [Machina Maw] isn't that big... its normal size. (20 cm high)

    but u are right, bigger models are very cool. a lifesized model would be cool. if there will be a FF 13 Lightning Model in future i will build it lifesize. Promise.