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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vanille WIP 12 [Collection]

Hello everyone!

As i mentioned, I upload all of Vanilles' progress on Deviantart but a few people asked for a second upload here on my blog. So you get a collection of all the WIPs I posted on Deviantart with a short description:

The legs are finished, on top of the left leg you can see the connection area.

The hips are a long project. They need a lot of inner support. You can see the connectors on the legs, and the cardboard inside. The white area wont be visible later. It is the area where the skirt will be attached.

Vanilles' chest was not hard to build. But as the hips, it needs a lot of support :/

I added this picture to show my current progress. She does not stand alone at this point, but the parts fit together perfectly!

I chose to build the hands for the next step. The fingers need a bit editing. I also added colour to the nails. 2 fingers are already finished. This is the last progress i uploaded. Stay tuned and please dont be shy to post comments! =)