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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First Pictures of the FFX-2 Yuna Project

This is my actual progress status of the 2d pepakura file:
(as u can see at the first 12 pages the legs are ready for assembly)

Finally after dumping, working with 3ds max and sketchup the model is ready for Pepakura Designer:

All possible Double Layers are displayed here and in the middle the main model is shown.
Looks scary huh ? ^^ :

The biggest problem ; the face.
Because of the high detail of the cinematic model it will be the hardest part to assemble i think:

When i am working on the face in pepakura i often think of the assembling process. I got scared when i saw the 1 or 2 mm thin pieces. So i thought :" why not trying out small parts?" and here is the first test piece of lower lips :
(I chose lips because they are one of the tiniest parts of the model)

(I think it works for me. It is tiny - yes- but it is possible to build...)

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