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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Final Fantasy 13 - Save Terminal

Ok. To describe what i am doing i give a short introduction:

Since there are no model extractor tools for Final Fantasy 13 I decided to do a model similar to the "original" by myself. I chose the FFXIII Save Terminal (picture beneath). I took a few photos of my screen with my camera to get the perspectives i needed for the model. Then i started to model it in Google SketchUp.

So you can see my progress in this thread. Stay tuned for updates!

[edit: April 19th]

[edit: April 20th]
Testbuild of closed save-unit (resized to 8 cm height):

[edit: April 20th]

The main unit is done now i think. there are maybe some changes to do. I already added some details. In the game the modelers worked with a lot of textures to give it a 3 dimensional look. I will try to model these textures in real 3d models as you can see at the green little tubes and the left display.

[edit: April 21st]

added new details. buttons and "panel":


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