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Monday, November 1, 2010

No! Yes!... Maybe.

***edit: December 1st, 2010***

No, at the moment :(


Hi everyone,

i was playing around with 3ds Max and i just want to present you the outcome.
There are a lot of things to fix: There are no bones at the 3ds max model so i created my own. which leads to a lot of other problems... -.-

i dont know if i will really start this project. but as the title says; "maybe".

(this screenshot was taken in Google Sketchup!)

Now a few questions i asked myself (maybe you have answers):

- I need the perfect solution for inner support. shall I use inner supporting areas again as i did with yuna?
- how shall I fix the holes the bone-manipulation created?
- is there maybe some kind of "bone-data" which I can add to the model ?
- is the pose ok ?

...maybe you give me a bit support or something.

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