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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fang we don't find luck together

Hey everyone

as i announced i was working on a lifesize model of Fang. But i sadly have to say that I got into a lot of trouble, when i started to work on the 3d model file. So in my opinion it would be very very hard to build Fang because of her long robe which would be a mess to build and very heavy later too.

But don't be sad. Fang is frozen right now, but i don't want to give up to build a lifesize model.

So, let's try out the next girl of the FF13 family.

Here comes Vanille:

As you can see I already modified her model a bit. I had to add a waist, to generate more support at her hips. (There was a hole before, which was hidden behind the skirt.)

This is how i splitted the boots. (The insides of the boots are not changed)

And this is her skirt >.< ... it was heavy to split it in "usable" parts. But i think its possible to build it now. (Let's see what the first testbuild will reveal)

So try to forget about Fang and be ready for Vanille!!!

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